Alex Gambal Chassagne-Montrachet 2016 [6/cs]

gambal chassagne montrachet
France Burgundy
Type: White Table Wine
Vintage: 2016

The drought and heatwave that struck Burgundy in July, August, and September of 2015 resulted in a low yield of ripe fruit and wines with considerable structure and power. Gambal harvested early in late August (as opposed to mid-September, as in most vintages) to preserve acidity.


Gambal’s winemaking is grounded in traditional Burgundian practice. This means that above all, fruit of the highest quality from healthy, diverse vineyards, is the focus.  The vines are Certified Organic, but many techniques draw from biodynamic practice. His Chardonnay is hand-harvested, then gently whole-cluster pressed. The free run juice was collected and settled overnight, then transferred to old barrels by gravity for fermentation by ambient yeast. The finished wine aged sur-lie for 10 to 16 months before it was racked (just once) and bottled. Gambal’s cellar practices take a biodynamic approach too, with each activity following the phases of the moon and planets.