Duckhorn “Decoy” Chardonnay

duckhorn decoy chardonnay
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Type: White Table Wine
Vintage: 2016

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Duckhorn Vineyards’ ‘Decoy’ Chardonnay benefits from the passion, skill and experience of the team at the Duckhorn Wine Company. Exploring the diversity of the Sonoma County winegrowing region allows for greater flexibility during the blending process. Stretching from Cloverdale to Annapolis to San Pablo Bay, Sonoma County encompasses an array of microclimates, soil types, elevations, and terroirs, yielding a unique and appealing expression of terror to the Duckhorn ‘Decoy’ Chardonnay.


The 2016 growing season began with generous winter rains, followed by a spring and summer marked by moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine. Like several recent vintages, the 2016 harvest came early, delivering exquisite quality grapes. After the modest size crop of 2015, 2016 saw a welcome return to average yields.


Overall, the 2016 Duckhorn ‘Decoy’ Chardonnay shows an ideal combination of lovely richness and excellent natural acidity offering layers of apricot, citrus and summer melon, as well as hints of fresh honeysuckle. On the palate, the pure fruit flavors are uplifted by delicate acidity and a supple richness from the sur lie aging.