Frog’s Leap Napa Valley Chardonnay 2015

frog’s leap napa valley chardonnay
California Napa Valley
Type: White Table Wine
Vintage: 2015

As winemakers, the Frog’s Leap team compares their approach to Chardonnay to a Taoist verse: “We shape clay into a pot but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want. We hammer wood for a house but it is the inner space that makes it livable. We work with being but nonbeing is what we use.” Instead of hammering more wood onto the house, they favour restraint and modesty in winemaking. From the Frog’s Leap perspective, there is nothing more overrated in Chardonnay than “fruit!” and nothing more underrated than “earth.”


With this goal in mind, the Carneros district of the Napa Valley was selected as the primary home for this wine back in 1982. Barrel-fermented and aged in concrete tanks. Pure flavours and a clean mouth-feel make this wine a refined and elegant, the ideal complement to a variety of cuisine.


This wine is classically proportioned: completely dry with lovely acidity. Yet there is a depth to the wine that belies its relatively modest alcohol content. Eight months of sur lie aging contributes toasty brioche aromas underscored by white flower aromatics. This wine is great with all kinds of seafood, of course, but will stand up nicely to poultry, or the stinkiest cheeses you can find.