A. Lalande et Cie.

France Bordeaux |

A. Lalande et Cie, founded in the mid-1800’s by Louis Armand Lalande, established itself as one of Bordeaux’s most important houses and a key player in the Médoc. A wine merchant, broker, and grower, Lalande’s influence on the region reached every tier of the wine trade, including a stint as Mayor of Bordeaux in the 1860’s.

The house remained a family affair for nearly a century, producing and trading Bordeaux wines worldwide. In 1968, it was acquired by Maison de Luze, the legacy of Baron de Luze, a pioneer and revolutionary of the Bordeaux wine trade. Maison de Luze would become Grands Vins de Gironde in 1991. Through the years, A. Lalande’s deep knowledge and sense of tradition has been maintained.