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Agricola Punica was established by a joint venture between Sebastiano Rosa, Sardinian winery Cantina di Santadi, Tenuta San Guido (Sassicaia), Santadi President Antonello Pilloni and the late legendary Tuscan consulting oenologist Giacomo Tachis. Sebastiano Rosa, oenologist and winemaker at Tenuta San Guido and Santadi, the highly-respected Sardinian cooperative, represent the majority ownership. Tenuta San Guido, under the presidency of Marchese Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta, holds ten percent.

In 2002, Agricola Punica purchased a 370 acre estate divided between two sites: Barrua and Narcao, located in the southwest region of Sardinia, in the area known as Sulcis Meridionale. Even though the vineyards are situated in the DOC Carignano del Sulcis, the wine falls under the I.G.T. of Isola dei Nuraghi, a name referencing the ancient stone built by the Nuragic civilization that shaped the island’s development from the Neolithic age through 238 B.C., when Sardinia was brought under the Roman Empire.

The Barrua vineyard lies inland from the coast and is planted to 10 hectares of old bush-trained Carignano and 50 hectares of new Carignano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The soil is primarily clay mixed with sand.

The Southwest corner of Sardinia is a near-perfect environment for the demands of the Carignano vine: winters are mild and summers are hot and dry. Temperatures are stoked by the fierce scirocco African winds blowing across the Sardinian Sea, among the hottest in Italy. An extraordinary average of seven hours of sunlight enable the fruit to reach a level of ripeness such that polymerization of the tannins begins within the berry while it is still on the vine.

Italy Sardinia
Carignan / Mazuelo

Agricola Punica “Barrua” Isola dei Nuraghi IGT 2013 [6/cs]

The quality of the Carignano grape is exceptional in the Sulcis area: exceptional colour and exceptional softness of  soluble compounds, from the tannins to...
Italy Sardinia
Carignan / Mazuelo

Agricola Punica “Montessu” Isola dei Nuraghi IGT 2014 [6/cs]

The Montessu is an intensely fruity, elegant, full-bodied blend of 60% Carignano, 10% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc and 10% Merlot. The...
Italy Sardinia

Agricola Punica “Samas” Isola dei Nuraghi IGT 2016 [6/cs]

Samas is an exotic white wine made from 80% Vermentino and 20% Chardonnay. Grown in sandy vineyards, and harvested by hand in the early...