Domaine des Baumard

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Just south of Angers, facing Rochefort, the north bank of the Loire has a series of small appellations. Savennières is the general appellation for this small region. It is included within the appellation of Côteaux de la Loire. The soils and subsoils are unusual and complex in this part of the valley: volcanic flows deposited slate, shales, granites and calcareous rock. A prominent mineral character is present, especially in the Chenin Blanc-derived wines.

Robert Parker has a high regard for Jean Baumard and his son Florent: “For decades Jean Baumard’s wines have been benchmarks for Savennières, Côteaux du Layon, and Quarts de Chaume – his wines have every component in place, so technically perfect and so polished they seem to be the product of a scientist. Florent, who is taking over from his recently retired father, has added some soul. There is no doubt in my mind that Florent Baumard is one of the shining lights in France’s winemaking present and future.” 
Robert Parker, “The World’s Great Wine Estates” (2005)

Multiple winner of Wine & Spirit’s Loire Winery of the Year Award: “In Savennières, the [Baumard] estate is unmatched for consistency of quality.”