Domaine Saint Jean du Barroux

France Southern Rhône |

Between the Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux in the commune of Le Barroux lie 16 hectares of land belonging to oenologist, grower and one man show Philippe Gimel. Saint Jean du Barroux boasts one of France’s most unique and interesting terroirs. One quarter is covered with fruit trees and shrubbery; the plantings being situated along a geologically diverse and eroded fault line.

Using organic and bio-dynamic techniques, Philippe is most interested in producing wines in their purest form, highlighting the qualities of each individual harvest and showcasing the vineyards’ diverse terroir. His practices are known to be beyond rigorous, with four to five pass-throughs in a normal harvest and yields of under one tonne per acre! Colleagues and friends he met during his academic internships at renowned estates such as Château de Beaucastel and Domaine de la Janasse just call him crazy. Within the industry, his tonnage would be thought of as commercially unsustainable. For Phillipe, who has quickly gained cult status from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, it’s the way to produce wines of great and transparent quality.

“There is only one rule: there are no rules, only humility.” – Philippe Gimel