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Ironworks Bluenose Dark Rum [6/cs]

ironworks distillery bluenose dark rum
Canada Nova Scotia
Type: Spirits
Vintage: Non-Vintage

Bluenose is Ironworks’ darkest rum, produced by Pierre Guevremont and Lynne MacKay using an all-natural molasses from the Caribbean with historic Maritime roots: Crosby Molasses Company of Saint John, New Brunswick, unloaded its first brigantine of barrels in 1879. After weeks of fermentation in the cool cellar of the Ironworks shop, the molasses mixture is distilled twice, bringing it up to 160 proof. Sealed in bourbon barrels made from Kentucky oak, it is stored in the cellar to age. After no less than a year, the rum is de-casked, blended and bottled, creating three unique rums: light, amber, and dark. Each has its own distinct personality, each is very sippable.


“Unlike any rum I have ever tasted. Nor seen. In the bottle, it is the darkest blood red, almost black. With a hint of gold lining. Open up the bottle and you are gently hit by a lovely nose of prune juice, plum and vanilla. Pour it in a glass, and you will see that it becomes tawny […] This is a very contemplative rum. It’s dark heavy colour might lend you to think that this is a thick, rough-but-sweet rum. But, au contraire, it is quite smooth, balanced and complex. And almost fresh.”

Jean-Francois Pilon, Whisky Plus, Sept 2012


“Complex woody treacle and tobacco aromas mingle with fig, nutmeg and hazelnut. It is full and rounded with a good mouthfeel leaving vanilla on the finish.”

“World’s Best Dark Rum”, 2014 World Rum Awards

“Silver Medal”, 2017 World Spirits Award