Domain Road Vineyard

In 2002, Graeme and Gillian Crosbie decided to take the leap and purchased an old apricot orchard in Bannockburn, after having owned a vacation house there for the past 25 years. They started by planting 6.5 hectares with Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling and in 2011 expanded with an additional 10 hectares, adding Chardonnay […]

Misha’s Vineyard

Prior to starting their own winery, Misha Wilkinson and Andy Wilkinson were corporate executives working in Singapore. In 2001, the couple returned to New Zealand to pursue their passion for wine. After 18 months of deliberate terroir research and site visits, they finally landed on the spectacular site where they founded Misha’s Vineyard in Bendigo […]

Peregrine Wines

If Peregrine has a hallmark, it would be the quest for quality. It’s a reasonable quest, considering the enviable raw materials available to the winery. Peregrine is named in honour of New Zealand’s endemic falcon. Their wines are certified organic and vegan. Set in the Gibbston Valley, which follows a gorge through the rugged mountains […]