In 1985, inspired by the pioneering efforts of Marlborough’s maverick winemakers, the Glover family converted their farm to vines. Being a third generation farming family meant that the Glovers understood their land’s potential: they knew it was a site that could produce fruit for world-class wines. Looking back, the family describe it as a great, […]


Stoneburn is a small winery in the renowned Wairau Valley region of Marlborough. Planted in 1989, the winery’s philosophy is to produce wines that express both the terroir of the stoney alluvial vineyards and the naturally aromatic characteristics of the grape variety. The vines are planted in an old riverbed where the soil is poor, […]

Rata Estate

Rata Estate produces remarkably fresh, more-ish wines in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley. Their estate wines are an excellent value, showcasing the flavours produced by vines grown in the stoney riverbeds of Marlborough’s valley floors.

Hunter’s Wines

Jane Hunter was among the first to see the immense potential of Marlborough, the northeast corner of New Zealand’s south island, as a wine-producing region. Together with her late husband Ernie, Jane established Hunter’s Wines in the picturesque Wairau Valley in 1983. Since its inception, Hunter’s Wines has produced wines of distinctive and outstanding character. The […]


The astrolabe is an ancient instrument that allowed early explorers to navigate by measuring the position of the stars. Many mariners have lent the name to their boats. Explorer Jules Cesar Sebastien Dumont D’Urville sailed the Astrolabe around Marlborough’s coast on the northeast corner of New Zealand’s south island in the 19th century, almost floundering in the […]