Aval Cider

France Brittany | www.aval-cider.com

In France, terroir is not limited to wine. From region to region, climate, land, and people dictate the product. In Bretagne, the rugged French province jutting into the north Atlantic, a culture of cider-making has existed for over 1000 years.

So, what’s in a name? Aval translates to apple in Breton, the traditional language of province. This cider is brewed exclusively at a family-owned farm in the region.

Aval’s cider is fermented from the fresh-pressed juice of hand-picked organic apples, a far cry from large-scale commercial ciders made from watered-down concentrate. The key to the best ciders lies in the blend, as different apple varietals add different qualities. The attributes of traditional cider apples include thick skins rich in tannins that limit oxidation, and firm flesh that maintains structure when crushed. As in wine, a firm acidic backbone is important to keep the finished product lifted and bright. Aval’s cider-master balances four varietals: acidic, bitter, bittersweet, and sweet.

Subtly sweet and gently carbonated, this is a perfect introduction to the character and nuance of French cider.