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Located near the Catalonian town of Falset, just west of Barcelona, Buil & Giné is set in the heart of the Priorat Mountains. The landscape rises and falls over shockingly steep terrain covered in fractured slate. This rock, which the locals call “llicorella”, is void of the nutrients needed to grow most crops. Yet in these soils, old, craggy vines dig deep and pull nutrients from the earth below. Wine has been made here since 1163, when monks brought grape-growing and winemaking techniques from forays to France. Priorat is one of only two regions in Spain to receive the denomination “DOCa”. Similar to Italy’s DOCG, DOCa regions boast quality and consistency in the vineyards and wineries.

In 1998, Xavi Buil formed the somewhat eponymous winery (his mother’s maiden name being Giné). Xavi and his father were raised in the vineyards as a farming family, not as winemakers. The 1990s saw a renaissance in Priorat, when some (now very famous) wineries earned a reputation in the international wine community for very structured, very expensive wines. Xavi wanted to produce wines with the structure of a classic that are approachable and affordable as well. Almost 20 years later, he has done just that.

Buil & Giné has been awarded numerous international accolades. The winery is a three-time winner of Wine & Spirits Magazine’s “International Winery of the Year”.

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