Courtney Benham

California Napa Valley |

Body meets pavement. Terroir meets meticulous winemaking. One has a dramatic effect on the other. Inspired by a misfortunate tumble off his Baum, Courtney Benham wines represent how terroir can shape a wine, much like rugged terrain can shape a cyclist.

There’s the typical gentleman farmer stereotype so common today in wine country, and then there’s Courtney Benham. Benham is of a different mould entirely. Growing up in the San Joaquin Valley and experiencing the rigours of farming firsthand inured Courtney to the romance of the grape. Courtney found himself entrenched in the wine industry early in his life and 30 years later is still as dedicated to his craft now as he was from day one.

A perfect convergence of soil and climate, Napa offers diversity unlike any other wine region in the world. Courtney Benham wines are a tribute to his love of this terroir; they are distinctive wines of complexity, breadth and beauty.