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“So that it should not seem remarkable when I speak of the noble Florentines, whose fame is buried by time. I have seen the Ughi, seen the Catellini, the Filippi, Grechi, Ormanni and Alberichi, illustrious families.” — Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, “Paradiso” Canto XVI

To travel through Tuscany is to be constantly reminded that this is a landscape with a deep, rich past. Part of that past, still very much alive today, is Ormanni, an estate referenced by Dante’s Divine Comedy (Paradiso, of course) in the 13th century. Situated on the route between Poggibonsi and Castellina in the heart of Chianti, the estate was held by the Florentine Ormanni clan. It changed hands through the centuries, eventually purchased by the Medici family. For the last 200 years, the estate has been owned by the Brini Battachi family. It is Paolo Brini Batacchi, together with his daughter Paola, who run the winery today.

Like all Tuscan farms, the Ormanni estate was a hub of craft: wine, olive oil, grain, timber, livestock, and spirits were produced here. That tradition has continued to this day. Fruit is hand-harvested from 68 hectares of hillside vineyards, principally dedicated to the cultivation of Sangiovese. Ormanni’s cellar combines old and new. Long, slow fermentations begin in stainless steel before the wine rests in concrete. The cellar, the oldest part of the winery, deep below the villa’s garden houses the barrels and barriques where the wines age.

Ormanni’s Chianti and Chianti Classico are sincere, soil-driven wines. They are expressive of the Barberino Val d’Elsa commune, where Sangiovese takes on a brooding, austere character while maintaining a generous, fruit-forward core.