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California has a diverse range of microclimates. Peay Vineyards is located in the far northwestern corner of Sonoma County, approximately 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean, near Sea Ranch. The vineyard is situated along the coast, but not on the first ridge. The winery sits along a partially obstructed avenue formed by the Wheatfield Fork of the Gualala River that allows for some fog and copious cool air to seep through. The vineyard sits on a hilltop, just at the top of the fog level; low enough to be cool and stable, but high enough for the dry conditions needed to grow healthy grapes. The hilltop vineyard expresses many subtle variations depending on aspect: some sites catch the afternoon breeze with full sun, others rest lower on the slope with greater fog influence and less sunlight.

This is cool climate for grape growing, just on the margin. The winemakers cross their fingers hoping that the fruit will ripen before rains start in late October through early November. In some years, ripening is a challenge. With the knowledge of an experienced vineyard manager, these challenging conditions produce superior fruit. A long growing season with moderate temperatures maximizes the production of intense flavours and phenolic compounds that result in complex wines. The wines will always have plenty of acid to provide structure. No flabby, overripe wines here.

“American Winery of the Year” 7-time winner, Wine & Spirits

“To taste the indisputably original savour of Pinot Noirs from producers such as Flowers, Hirsch and Peay is to marvel at America’s Pinot Noir treasures.” – Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator, “Seven Wines to Try Before, well, You Know”, November 2009

“Exceptional wines of rare precision and intensity.” – Eric Asimov, The New York Times, January 2006

“Brothers Nick and Andy Peay work with winemaker Vanessa Wong to produce cellarworthy, savoury Pinot Noir and Syrah – as well as beautiful Viognier – from their rugged Estate Vineyard, which was planted in 1998 in the remote Annapolis outback.” – “Six Sonoma Coast Producers to Watch”, Decanter, June 2016

California Sonoma
Pinot Noir

Peay “Pomarium” Pinot Noir 2018 [6 x 750ml]

The name Pomarium (po-mare-ee-um, Latin for “apple orchard”) harkens to the early 20th century when the hillside vineyard was planted to Bartlett pears and Gravenstein...
California Sonoma
Pinot Noir

Peay “Scallop Shelf” Pinot Noir 2017 [6 x 750ml]

Peay’s Scallop Shelf vineyard got its name when, while prepping the land for planting, viticulturist Nick Peay discovered ancient scallop and nautilus fossils in...
California Sonoma

Peay Estate Chardonnay 2018 [6 x 750ml]

Peay grows an assortment of seven Old Wente and Dijon clones of Chardonnay on seven of the chilliest acres of their hill-top Sonoma Coast...
California Sonoma
Pinot Noir

Peay Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2018 [6 x 750ml]

Peay’s Sonoma Coast bottling includes a majority of the 15 Pinot Noir clones they grow on their organically-farmed 35-acre vineyard. The site is located...