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Stoneburn is a small winery in the renowned Wairau Valley region of Marlborough. Planted in 1989, the winery’s philosophy is to produce wines that express both the terroir of the stoney alluvial vineyards and the naturally aromatic characteristics of the grape variety. The vines are planted in an old riverbed where the soil is poor, which has created an environment which produces a light crop but very intense fruit flavours. This wine is fresh, lively, well balanced and sealed with screw cap closure to preserve the full character of the wine. We recommend drinking the wines while young, within two to three years from bottling, to ensure that you enjoy them at their best.

New Zealand Marlborough
Sauvignon Blanc

Stoneburn Sauvignon Blanc 2019 [12 x 750ml]

Timing is critical when harvesting Sauvignon Blanc: too long on the vine under the balmy Marlborough sun and fresh fruit flavours and bright acidity...