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Good Robot Brewing Co.

Nova Scotia

Good Robot Brewing Company is a brewery, bar, restaurant and beer garden run by a pack of misfits in the heart of Halifax’s historic North End. Good Robot began with three longtime friends who quit engineering to realize their dream of quitting engineering. Crunching numbers by day and crushing beers by night, pursuing a good-times beer company was the next natural step.

The co-founders and team at Good Robot are proud to wear their hearts and values on their sleeves – everyone is welcome, so long as they agree that everyone is welcome – the taproom in Halifax has become an important community hub and a beacon of inclusivity.

The best part is that Good Robot doesn’t make ‘craft beer’ for the snobs and rankings, they make great beer for anyone who is up for a good time and wants to enjoy a beer while doing it. The range of flagship beers are often nods to the co-founders’ favourite artists and musicians.

Good Robot Brewing Co. Wines

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