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Rogers & Company was founded in 1984 as a family business with a passion for wine and a realization that many of the world’s most exciting wines were not being shared in the Ontario market. As a multigenerational business, Rogers & Company’s focus has remained clear – representing wineries that serve as a benchmark of quality for their respective regions of origin.

In addition to the wines themselves, Rogers & Company recognizes that behind these wines are stories of hard work, dedication, courage, and opportunity. They are often stories of triumph, tragedy, and overcoming as this is a business, in many respects, of fragility. Some of these stories are generations in the making and others follow the heart. There is nothing easy about winemaking.

This understanding of the balance between nature and humanity is important to Rogers & Company, as is giving back. We understand the importance of taking the time to listen to others with compassion and empathy.

Rogers & Company proudly supports non-profit organizations through partnerships, donations, and dedicated time. Below are just a few of the amazing organizations we feel fortunate to help.