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The astrolabe is an ancient instrument that allowed early explorers to navigate by measuring the position of the stars. Many mariners have lent the name to their boats. Explorer Jules Cesar Sebastien Dumont D’Urville sailed the Astrolabe around Marlborough’s coast on the northeast corner of New Zealand’s south island in the 19th century, almost floundering in the treacherous French Pass where Durville Island is separated from the mainland.

When career winemaker Simon Waghorn decided to create his own brand with wife and two friends, he chose the name “Astrolabe” because of the historic ties with Marlborough and the connotations of exploration and discovery. All of Simon’s skill and experience combine to capture the essence of Marlborough in wines of purity, focus and elegance.

Of special interest to Simon and the small team at Astrolabe are the unique qualities of sub-regionality as expressed in the “Valley” wines, and how the sub-regions can combine as Marlborough classics in the “Province” wines. With the limited-release “Vineyards” wines, Simon melds the terroir of single vineyards with edgy winemaking to create wines of individuality and texture.

It says it all when NZ’s leading wine critic Bob Campbell, MW says these guys are “New Zealand’s leading Sauvignon Blanc maker.”

Astrolabe Wines