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Continuum Estate

Napa Valley

In 1906, Cesare Mondavi immigrated to the United States from Italy in pursuit of the American Dream. He moved his family from Hibbing, Minnesota to the California wine country in 1922. From their humble beginnings in the grape shipping business, the Mondavi family has thrived. Today, the combined presence of family members has established the Mondavi name at the forefront of the world of fine wine.

Continuum is yet another page in the Mondavi family legacy, a “5th beginning”. Founded in 2005, it is a partnership between members of the Robert, Marcia and Tim Mondavi families. It is a rededication and refinement of the family’s longstanding commitment to excellence in winemaking. Continuum’s goal is to produce a single wine that is recognized among the finest in the world.

The partners in Continuum represent three generations. At the helm is Tim Mondavi, who led the vineyard team at Robert Mondavi Winery for 30 years. He is joined in guiding the vision and direction by his sister Marcia, his father Robert and Robert’s wife Margrit. Their combined passion and creativity are the primary inspiration for this important new beginning. Carissa Mondavi is the first of the third generation to join the winery.

The Continuum partnership is more than just the ongoing legacy of the Mondavi family. It is a renewed commitment to the innovation, excellence, and artistic expression in grape growing and winemaking. The wines are raised with respectful time-honoured techniques acquired over four generations and 85 years of experience. The grapes are hand harvested into small lug-boxes, hand-sorted and fed by gravity into small oak tanks for fermentation. The wines are aged in 100% new French oak barrels and bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The bonds of family run deep at Continuum, where Tim and Marcia Mondavi have created a world-class estate in just a few years. Here, high up on the Vaca Mountains, nestled between Ovid and Stagecoach, the Mondavis are making wines of pedigree and class. Tim Mondavi’s daughter, Chiara, works day to day winemaking, and no detail is too small to escape Tim Mondavi’s attention. An increasing emphasis on Cabernet Franc, co-fermentations and less new oak are some of the more recent developments at Continuum. The attention to detail is equaled at only a handful of properties across the valley. […] Needless to say, it will be fascinating to watch this latest chapter in the Mondavi family history unfold over the coming years and decades.”
Antonio Galloni on Continuum Estate, October 2015

Continuum Estate Wines