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Domaine de La Bretonnière

Loire Valley

Located at the heart of the Pays Nantais in the village of Le Landreau, La Domaine de La Bretonnière is in the heart of a region where wine production is profoundly influenced by the interplay of soil and climate. This is  a maritime region moderated by the Atlantic. The soil where vines grow is predominantly gneiss and igneous rock mixed with clay thanks to volcanic activity that occurred there millions of years ago. Being porous in nature, the soil drains well, key in an area that receives significant rainfall and is marked by a network of rivers.

Domaine de La Bretonnière is a small family-owned winery that encourages the terroir of the Pays Nantais to shine through in their wines. The star varietal is of course Melon de Bourgogne, grown over 14 hectares of prime vineyard land on the banks of the Maine and Sèvre rivers. Vines range in age from 30 to 70 years old. Pierre-Yves and his team make wine and bottle it under the prestigious Muscadet Sèvre et Maine AOC.

“Domaine de La Bretonnière has been owned by the Charpentier family for four generations. Today the vineyard is run by the two brothers Pierre-Yves and Patrice. They did their first vintage in 1989 (resuming their parent’s activity). The vinification happens in concrete and buried tanks. All the wines are aged on lees and their special cuvée ‘Clos du Patis d’Enfer’ is a one hectare production and a Muscadet of extremely high quality.”
Domaine de La Bretonnière

Domaine de La Bretonnière Wines