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Columbia Valley

East of Washington’s majestic Cascade Mountains, the Columbia Valley is producing some of North America’s most exciting wines. The region is endlessly sunny and dry yet surrounded by abundant rivers. Though it is acclaimed for a number of grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted grape in the region – and rightfully so. Grown in the valley’s arid, sun-kissed climate, Greenwing Cabernet captures the essence of this wild place with beautiful depth and complexity, velvety tannins, alluring aromas, and lush berry flavours.

From the storied vineyards of this remarkable region, Greenwing takes flight. Honouring both the rich history of the Duckhorn Portfolio, and the winegrowing traditions of Washington, it is a wine for those seeking new places, new flavours and new experiences. Brian Rudin is the founding winemaker for Greenwing, an emerging star of Washington winemaking.

Greenwing Wines