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La Carraia


La Carraia is located in the rolling hills of Umbria; centred upon the lush Apennine Range in the centre of the Italian peninsula. With five estates across the heart of the Orvieto region, La Carraia’s goal is to create modern wines that maintain the terroir of the Umbrian hills they grow on.

The winery was founded in 1988 by Odoardo Gialetti and world-renowned enologist Riccardo Cotarella. Today, you can still find Cotarella in the cellar, and Gialetti in the vineyards.

Gialetti’s sons now work with him in the vineyard, maintaining their idea that wine is a family product, reflecting the land and its rhythms. This love of nature and the land allows them to plant each grape variety from their broad and diverse portfolio in a location where it will thrive.

La Carraia Wines