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La Giustiniana


La Giustiniana is an ancient property that lies just north of Gavi in the heart of the DOC. It is a magnificent estate with a wine history dating back to the 10th century. At that time, land belonged to a Benedictine monastery that produced both grain and grapes. Umberto Lombardini purchased the 30 ha estate in 1978 and hired Enrico Tomalino as manager. Tomalino resurrected the property and turned it into one of the premier Gavi estates.

From the beginning, Tomalino expended great efforts developing the vineyards. He recognized and has capitalized on the three distinctly different soil types, which in turn has led to the development of separate crus for each. The cellar is extremely well-equipped: precise temperature control ensures an extended slow fermentation.

The winery welcomed Donato Lanati, one of Italy’s best young consultants. His indelible stamp of quality has become increasingly evident in recent years. Enrico has since retired, but the legacy of changes he brought to the winery is carried on by Lanati. The already remarkable vineyards continue to improve, as better grapes are giving purer, richer and better balanced wines. The results shine forth with wines that excite the palate and the critics.

La Giustiniana Wines