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Terre di Gioia

Alto Adige

“Our family started farming in 1607. The common denominator of our wineries are the Alps that surround us. It is a territory that we love and protect. We work our lands with sustainable practices so we can give to future generations the ability to enjoy at least what we have and hopefully more.”
Albino Armani, Terre di Gioia

In a wild landscape of mountains and forests, the Adige River meanders through a valley lined with vineyards interrupted here and there by small villages and castles: this is Vallagarina. The Armani family will remind you that they settled here in the 17th century, establishing a long tradition of grape growing and winemaking. In recent years, the family has been producing a small amount of wine. Terre di Gioia (roughly translated to “land that gives joy”) is a partnership dedicated to sustainable viticulture that brings together the Armani clan and American importer Paolo Bernardi.

You might call these “everyday” wines, but they’re easily a cut above ordinary. Fruit is sourced from the family’s best vines in Trentino, Sequals, and Veneto, and the wines reflect the natural beauty of the dramatic Adige River Valley.

Terre di Gioia Wines