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Alto Adige

Italy’s northernmost region is enveloped by the Alps, sculpted by glaciers and mountain streams. Most vineyards lie along the few flat shoulders of the Adige and Sarca Rivers or on high terraces. Soils are based on dolomitic limestone and glacial or alluvial deposits of gravel, sand or clay. Though not fertile, they are usually light and well-drained and ideal for vines. Cold winters are contrasted by summers of almost Mediterranean daytime heat, moderated by cool night breezes that waft up the valleys from Lake Garda. This temperature fluctuation heightens both flavours and aromas in the wines. Many grape varieties are of German and French lineage; the whites compare favourably with the more famous wines of Alsace and Friuli.

Wine has been cultivated at Castel Turmhof for over 300 years. The castle itself, known for its Roman Gothic fairy tale figure and breath-taking swan lake, dates back to the late 12th century. The estate owner Christof, son of Herbert Tiefenbrunner is fully committed to tradition. Today, the Tiefenbrunner family produces about 700,000 bottles per year here.

The vines are grown mainly on the south-facing slopes surrounding the castle. The optimal location is selected for each grape variety. Some of the vines are trained using the traditional pergola system, which contributes to the development of fine aromatics. Preserving the purity of varietal character is the principle focus of the work done in the vineyards and in the cellars.

Tiefenbrunner wines regularly receive national and international awards. Outstanding tasting results and steadily growing interest from customers and wine connoisseurs demonstrate the dedication and profound experience of these “Entiklar winemakers”.

Tiefenbrunner Wines