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Tierra Roja

Napa Valley

At the intersection of Oakville Crossroad and Silverado Trail in the heart of Napa Valley you’ll find some of the top vineyards in the world for growing Cabernet Sauvignon. There is something magical about the soil in this part of Napa. Like the clay hills of Pomerol or the blue slate of the Mosel, a synergy exists between Cabernet Sauvignon and the iron-rich volcanic red soils found here.
To the southwest of the intersection, you find Rudd and Screaming Eagle; to the northwest, Rudd and Plumpjack; and on top of the bench, Dalla Valle’s Maya and Peter Michael’s Au Paradis. Right in the centre of it all is a small 4 acre vineyard in Linda Neal’s backyard called Tierra Roja.
After 20 years as a Vineyard Manager and CFO of M & L Vineyard Management, Linda Neal decided to turn her expertise to her own label. Calling on the winemaking talents of the skilled David DeSante, Linda is producing tiny quantities of luxurious, artisanal Cabernet.
“To borrow the declaration that rock critic Jon Landau wrote in the ’70s, “I have seen rock and roll future, and its name is Bruce Springsteen”, I have looked at the Napa Valley and its future is the Cabernet Sauvignon from the tiny Tierra Roja vineyard (just off the Silverado Trail at the eastern head of the Oakville Crossroad).” – Alan Goldfarb, “Appellation America”, July 2009

Tierra Roja Wines

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