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Weingut Markus Huber


Weingut Markus Huber is a family run winery producing premium quality, organically farmed wines that authentically reflect their origin – Traisental, Austria. Their vineyards in Traisental produce characterful and terroir-emphasizing wines with a clear style and vibrant minerality from unique limestone soils.

The winery follows an ecological approach, creating a closed cycle between soil, plants, and nature, striving to not only promote soil quality and vine health, but to ultimately create expressive and authentic wines of the region. Sitting at the cross-section of the pannonian and continental climates in the Traisental valley results in extreme temperature variation during the ripening season, leading to the development of intensely aromatic wines with great cellaring potential.

Born into a small wine-growing family as the 10th generation, Markus has devoted himself to viticulture & vinification since a young boy. Still a young winemaker, Markus Huber has garnered multiple national and international accolades, including the prestigious “Falstaff Winemaker of the Year” award.

“[Markus] is young, but he‘s already a complete professional in the wine business. Markus Huber has converted his parents’ enterprise into a thriving business, and meanwhile his wines have become very much in demand abroad.”
– Peter Moser, Falstaff, 2016

Weingut Markus Huber Wines