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Winc Wine Company


Winc is an unconventional winery. Founded in 2012 with an entrepreneurial spirit, they set out to create great wines at great prices, and to share it with as many people as possible. And with it they created a new model of winemaking.

They don’t own any vineyards. They work with independent winemakers and growers from California and around the globe to source wine and grapes. Currently, they are making wine from 10 different countries across two time zones, ranging from classic blends to obscure, single vineyard fringe projects.

They opt for small-lot winemaking techniques and philosophies, favouring quality over quantity. They strive to showcase the best that every region, varietal and style has to offer, at the best value possible. The result: a quality-driven and diverse portfolio of wines of distinct character and sense of place.

Don’t look for traditional wine scores. Winc doesn’t submit their wines for press reviews and competitions. Instead, they rely on social media, ratings and reviews from their over 5 million customers to create a demand-driven portfolio of wines that stand up in the glass. In other words, these crowd-pleasing wines are crowd-sourced. Share with friends, and on Instagram.

“Winc, a Los Angeles-based wine club, produces, rather than purchases, the wines in its club under the scrutinizing eye of its cofounder and COO Brian Smith, an experienced sommelier and winemaker. By curating Winc’s offerings as he would a top restaurant selection, Smith created a large-scale club with wines that could easily make their way onto the country’s best retail shelves and wine lists.”
Courtney Schiessl on Winc Wine Club, Forbes, July 2018

Winc Wine Company Wines

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