Champagne Vilmart “Coeur de Cuvée” 2009 [6/cs]

vilmart coeur de cuvee
France Champagne
Champagne Blends
Type: Sparkling Wine
Vintage: 2009
“Vilmart has quickly established cult status […] since young Laurent Champs took over from his father in 1991, the company has become one of the true gems with the perfect wine, Coeur de Cuvée, as its most brilliant star. This wine was the best-made in Champagne during the “off” years of ’91, ’92, ’93 and ’97. Hunt like a demon for the scarce 5000 bottles that were made of this gem!”
Richard Juhlin “4000 Champagnes” (2005), Winner of the Louis Roederer Award for International Champagne Writer of the Year


Quite simply, the Coeur de Cuvée is one of the great values in world-class wine. It rivals Krugs, Bollingers, and Dom Perignons for quality at a fraction of the price. Vilmart produces its exuberant Champagne with hand-picked organically-grown fruit from its own Premier Cru vineyards. The Coeur de Cuvée comprises 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir from the chalky terroir of Rilly-la-Montagne. During production, a rigorous selection is made of first press juice. The core wine did not go through malolactic fermentation, was fermented and aged for at least ten months in oak barrels, and went through extended aging in bottle.


The 2009, the reward of seven years of bottle ageing prior to riddling and disgorging, is a full, inviting, elegant expression of Champagne. It is a wine with remarkable presence, in part thanks to the inclusion of Pinot Noir from the estate’s oldest vines. The majority Chardonnay establishes exotic fruit, citrus, and white flower notes subtly highlighted by gentle spice introduced by barrel ageing. The finish is long and complex, supported by graceful minerality.


“Endless and gentle aromatic harmony. The majority of Chardonnay (80%) immediately establishes its elegance with its notes of citrus fruits, white flowers and exotic fruits, highlighted by a delicate breath barely spicy, eminent signature of the vinification and ageing for ten months in 228 litres oak barrels. The nose becomes a sensual caress, expression of the fullness of the Champagne obtained by seven years of patient ageing of the bottles before riddling and disgorgement. Vertiginous purity at the opening, thanks to the rigorous selection of the juices from the first pressing (coeur de cuvée: 1,400 litres of the 2,050 litres of cuvée), reinforced by the timely stop of the malolactic fermentation of the base wines. Remarkable presence, characteristic sign of the oldest plots of vine of the estate (55 years old), underlined by joyful scents of red and black fruits due to the Pinot Noir (20%). Balanced finish supported by a graceful minerality. Impressive length on the palate.”

Michel Veron, Guide Veron des Champagnes, 2018