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Yarran Wines is a family-owned and operated winery located in Yenda, New South Wales. Yenda is part of the Riverina region, a registered Australian Geographical Indication. The AGI has a long tradition for winemaking that dates back to 1913 and is renowned for producing world-class wines of exceptional quality.

Lorraine Brewer and her late husband John have grown grapes for 30 years. The family business expanded when their son Sam’s keen interest in wine pushed him to study enology. Since the first vintage in 1998, the winery has grown from producing a single Shiraz to include varietal table wines, fortified blends, and a classic Riverina Botrytis-style wine.

To this day, winery staff are part owners and family members alike. Lorraine runs the winery, while co-owner Jim Maier manages the vineyard. Sam came aboard as full-time winemaker in 2009, bringing experience from properties in King Valley, Sonoma Valley, China, Yarra, and around Riverina.

Sam’s creative winemaking coupled with commitment to expressing regional style has been a rewarding mix. Each vintage, the wines present finesse and incredible value.

Australia New South Wales
Shiraz / Syrah

Yarran Shiraz 2018 [12 x 750ml]

The warm and dry climate of the Yenda region is the ideal environment for ripening healthy Shiraz. Yarran’s Shiraz marries the deep fruit tones...