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Avignonesi is located in the rolling landscape of Montepulciano, Tuscany. Named for the family that founded the winery, Avignonesi has been led by Virginie Sayers since 2009. Virginie is a former lawyer who moved to Italy in 2007, bringing her passion for organic gardening and sustainable living with her. Under her leadership, Avignonesi wines are now Certified Organic and Biodynamic. In fact, they’re the largest biodynamic winery in Italy!

Avignonesi is committed to holistic practices from vine to glass. Grapes are treated with minimal interventions in the vineyard and the winery. Using techniques such as ‘pied de cuvee’ instead of cultured yeast, Avignonesi wines really represent the land they come from. Even though they are low-intervention, the wines taste clean and display incredible elegance and poise.

Avignonesi Wines