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Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta


Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta was founded in 1895 by Félix Martínez Lacuesta, a lawyer, journalist, and winemaker in Haro, Spain.

Haro benefitted from a railway station, street lighting, and vineyards, which offered a strong foundation upon which to build, in a time where French winemakers were looking for a new frontier after their vines had been decimated by mildew and phylloxera.

Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta became the benchmark for Rioja wines and Martínez himself became the first president of the “Asociación Nacional de Viticultores e Industrias del Vino” (National Association of Winemakers and Wine Industries), and the “Sindicato de Vinos de La Rioja” (Rioja Wine Syndicate).

Adapting new techniques learned from the French to the conditions of vineyards in the Rioja region and the perfecting of the coupage (blending), Rioja wines began to write a new chapter in their history.

The style and glamour that defines Martínez Lacuesta represents a unique, recognizable heritage among the Rioja region’s hundred-year-old wineries. The ongoing path toward innovation, sustainability, and the modernization of the wines reflect current preferences. When it comes to traditional Rioja character, few wineries can compete with Bodega Martínez Lacuesta.

Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta Wines