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Founded in 1885, Langlois-Chateau’s name come from the wedding between Edouard Langlois and Jeanne Chateau. Today, the winery’s estate vineyards is comprised of 95 hectares of vines on the best Loire Valley AOC’s (51 Ha in Saumur, 11 Ha in Saumur Champigny and 33 Ha in Sancerre). Langlois-Chateau has become a reference for both its still wines and its Crémants de Loire.

Langlois-Chateau has all the elements to produce excellent wines: a great diversity of soils, quality grape varieties, and a temperate oceanic climate. The wines are the reflection of these exceptional conditions, of a historical know-how and of requirements carried from the vine to the shipping of the bottles.

There can be no great wines without quality grapes. Langlois-Chateau is very active in viticultural research, always favouring natural methods and respect for the environment in its vineyards, notably through the use of integrated pest management. It is by these means that Langlois-Chateau was one of the first wine makers to obtain the Terra Vitis label. Since the 1990s, Langlois-Chateau has been committed to a global approach for a healthier viticulture. Today, 30 hectares of the vineyard are organic certified with the objective of certifying the 95 hectares by 2025.

The still wines reflect the high standards of Langlois-Chateau. Thus, the Châteaux de Thauvenay and Fontaine-Audon in Sancerre, respectively on limestone and flint soils, perfectly express the richness of these two terroirs. In Saumur and Saumur-Champigny, the work of plot selection and vinification of Cabernet Franc and Chenin offer great wines with good aging potential.

The Crémants de Loire, are made following the official requirements (hand-harvested grapes) but also following specific internal rules (separation of the juices) The grapes come solely from 6 terroirs, considered by the winery as “crus” (high quality vineyards) by our winery. The grapes from each geographic location are kept separate and processed separately, before being blended in order to embody the style of winery: freshness and elegance.

Langlois-Chateau Wines