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The Organized Crime Winery


The Organized Crime is a small boutique winery located on the renowned Beamsville Bench of the Niagara Peninsula. Their south-facing vineyards hang over the hillside edges of the Bench which provide an ideal environment for cool-climate wine growing, and some of the best views on the Bench.

The story goes that sometime in the early-to-mid 1900s there were two quarrelling Mennonite congregations  in the area who disagreed about the acquisition of a pipe organ. The feud resulted in one congregation breaking into the other church, stealing their new organ, and tossing it down an embankment… hence the clever ‘Organized Crime Winery’ name.

Winegrowers Edward Zaski & Ania de Duleba keep production volumes small, as they are more interested in following their passions than commercializing. They farm the land themselves, and work with their consultant winemaker Greg Yemen through all stages of the wine making process. Their mandate is to produce the finest wines they can from their Estate property, regardless of the challenges.

That mandate is paying off. The Organized Crime was awarded Top 10 Small Wineries in Canada in 2023 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada, the country’s largest annual competition of Canadian wines. This is its third time in four years.

The Organized Crime Winery Wines